Workplace Drug Screening

Benefits of using Any Lab Test Now® :

• Convenient hours & locations.
• Fast, accurate results.
• 24/7 on-site collections available
• Variety of payment options
• 100% of our staff is DOT/HHS trained
• Corporate discounts available
• No extra cost for MRO confirmation
• Customized drug testing policy to fit business’ needs

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Workplace Drug Screenings

Any Lab Test Now® aims to provide affordable and covenient pre-hire drug screenings, random drug screenings and wellness programs for employers.  Any Lab Test Now® can create a unique drug screening program designed to fit your specific needs.

PRICE: Our drug screenings start at only $49 and discounts are available regardless how many employees you send to get tested each month.

MRO: MRO stands for medical review officer. We separate ourselves from our competitors by including the MRO service for no additional cost. A test that is not MRO certified will probably not hold up in court.

CONVENIENCE: Any Lab Test Now® has locations nationwide. We have convenient office hours and relationships can be created to provide on-site service 24/7.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: We can design a payment option to fit your company’s needs. During this down economy we are noticing a new trend where employees pay for a portion or all of the cost of their drug screening.