Adulterant Screening

Chemical Adulterants

There are hundreds of websites on the internet promoting methods and peddling products promising to pass drug test. The accuracy of a typical drug screen is mostly limited to proper procedure of the collector. However, even if the collector performs the proper procedure flawlessly this does not ensure the results are 100% accurate. That is why we encourage our clients to order an adulterant screen alongside any drug screen. The goal of any drug screen is to determine if an individual has ingested drugs, and not a cat-and-mouse game that tests the ability of an individual to artificially pass a drug screen.


Proper Drug Collecting Procedure

The easiest and most common method for cheating a drug screen is to exploit procedural mistakes made by the drug collection technician.  Every single member on our staff has been professionally trained on DOT/HHS drug screen procedures by competent, DATIA certified trainers.  Our drug collection procedure mirrors strict federal guidelines set forth by DOT and HHS regulations, regardless the purpose of the collection.  What this means to our customers is that even our customers that pay to drug/alcohol test themselves are handled in the same manner as our government mandated clients.

Strictly adhering to this level of collection not only eliminates the ability for patients to exploit a drug screen, it also discourages the usage of artificial prosthesis’ such as the Urinator or Whizinator.